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Mark Udall Quotes

7 Mark Udall quotes:

"I think there's an urgent need for both the administration and Congress to face hard reality and not continue with budget policies based on . . . defying the laws of fiscal gravity."
Author: Udall Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"The problem isn't ex-members (of Congress), or future members or even lobbyists. The problem is lodged in the way the (Congress) does its business, and we have to reform ourselves. Public opinion, public spotlight can push us to do so."
Author: Udall Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"In this case, it seems pretty obvious Mr. Brown just doesn't have the expertise or experience to head FEMA,"
Author: Udall Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"Precisely because of Hubble's extraordinary contributions in the past and promised contributions in the future, I... believe it is important that the decision to cancel the planned servicing mission to Hubble be reviewed by an independent panel of experts and all options for safely carrying it out be examined."
Author: Udall Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"This is an opportunity for the delegation to bring all the federal officials and federal entities to the table and assure (the) people of Colorado we're prepared,"
Author: Udall Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"Patience in the Congress is running thin thinner. Certainly, privately, there are a lot more conversations occurring across party lines about Iraq."
Author: Udall Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"an urgent need . . . to face hard reality."
Author: Udall Quotes Category: Reality Quotes

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