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"The Governor believes the matter should be determined not by legislative action - which would be unconstitutional - but by court decision or another vote of the people of our state."
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"If the deal gets done by (Tuesday), the printer still has the ability to deliver the ballots to voters by mid-May."
"we don't care that much about Warren Beatty, and based on his ticket sales from the past generation, I doubt anyone else does either."
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"The office is reviewing it. Once the determination is made if the governor should weigh in and how, we will."
"Currently there is no set of circumstances that would call for California to declare a state of emergency."
"We're talking about the first time, hopefully, that we would have a strategic plan for California's future. So often government is an esoteric concept for people, but here and now there is an acute connection between the people and deciding the services government should provide."
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"We're talking about the first time, hopefully, that we would have a strategic plan for California's future."
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"It's wonderful that both parties and multiple levels of government are absolutely engaged. All of which are necessary so the principals can forge some kind of agreement and compromise."
"We don't know. The governor is focussed on the budget and the strategic growth plan."
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"The governor's not in a position to retry individual cases for purposes of guilt or innocence, ... Clemency is discretionary and is an act of mercy."
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"Right now we're focused on public policy and making law. I can't talk about things that are pretty much irrelevant right now."
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"It could be a late night. Everyone is engaged. Everyone is hopeful we will place a bond plan on the June ballot."
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"The governor has always said what is important is not June or November but that he and the Legislature work to rebuild California. At this point, it is critical that the Legislature build upon all of the work that has been accomplished thus far."
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