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"He didn't roll his eyes and he didn't sigh 17 times in 20 minutes as he did last week, ... But he couldn't change what was happening up there."
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"This is a classic example of Sen. Kerry trying to escape his 20-year record."
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"On the critical issues of job creation, homeland security and national security, and who shares our values, they have adopted positions that may help them win their party's nomination, but will be rejected by the broader electorate next November."
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"This is because they don't want a debate on the issues, and they don't want to run on Sen. Kerry's record. I guess I can't blame them for that. We as a party cannot sink to their level. We must stick to the truth in this race."
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"As a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Kerry shared the assessment of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, ... He voted for the use of force in Iraq, then later tried to say it was a vote to 'threaten' the use of force, and then ultimately declared himself an 'anti-war' candidate."
"They understood, too, that it would be wrong to sacrifice the impartiality of the judge and make a comment to anyone in the United States Senate that you'd rule one way or another if you're confirmed,"
"was very gracious in listening to a recitation of memos that go back a long way. I think the record will report that Judge Roberts has been entirely accurate in his statements."
"I don't anticipate problems. I anticipate a vigorous process."
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