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"They put them in their cars and they see a homeless guy with a sign, instead of giving them money, they can just hand the bag out."
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"I guess I got greedy after the 3,000. I knew I had the ability to be there and I thought another medal might be in the mix and I didn't run nearly as well. We ran as a pack for about 13 kilometers and then, basically, I just ran out of gas. I ran right out of steam and hung on from that point. My time was about a minute slower then I had run last fall."
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"But I'm not one to look for a final year to say goodbye to everyone, that's not my style, I'm a private person,"
Author: Stevens Quotes Category: Goodbye Quotes
"We were very fortunate this time, ... There were a few limbs that fell and a few minor power outages."
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"I guess I wouldn't have believed it. But it's been a pleasure being part of the rebuilding process, being a piece of the puzzle as we built a championship team. It was nice being part of that and being able to win three Stanley Cups and sort of put hockey on the map in New Jersey."
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"I'm emotional. There's no question. It's going to be very tough. I just fear that if it starts, it's going to be over. I'll be done. I won't be able to come back and finish. That's how I am. I can't regroup and carry on."
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"As much as you want to suppress it, that competitive instinct doesn't go away. I didn't think it would come back the way it has. I'm running close to the same times I was when I was in university. I never envisioned that when I started, it was more of a lifestyle change that I wanted to make."
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"It's been a great relationship,"

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