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"He said, 'Mark, he makes me feel like he's a college professor and I'm a kindergarten student,' ... He said, 'He is the most intuitive horseman I've ever been around,' and that was high praise, because his father didn't give any praise. He's one of the best natural horsemen I ever met."
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"This is a perfect fit for our company, in order that we may better service our clients, ... Up to this point, we have concentrated on buying and selling in the private sector. With the addition of Walnut Green, we will now be able to handle the auction needs of our clients as well. We are very fortunate indeed to be involved with a company that boasts such a great tradition of honesty and integrity."
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"It's funny, you hear all these stories about he's doing this, he's doing that. You go in the barn, his horses look better than anybody's, they're standing on deeper bedding than anybody, they're getting better feed than anybody - he's second to none in care. He's a phenomenal natural horseman."
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"With two horses that weren't doing a whole lot before he got them, to win two Breeders' Cup races with them, I think it's one of the standout performances recently."
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"From a local government standpoint, the cost of services is the principal issue. On a statewide basis, 35-acre tracts generate more costs than revenue."
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