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12 Dee Brown quotes:

"He's a great talent and he likes to talk trash."
"The girls have been working very hard. They all have ran for the past four years and will be tremendous assets for our program."
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"I've got to continue to play well. We're a better team when I play well. That's the pressure of being an athlete."
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"The Indians knew that life was equated with the earth and its resources, that America was a paradise, and they could not comprehend why the intruders from the East were determined to destroy all that was Indian as well as America itself."
"I miss football a lot. Football made me a better teammate basketball-wise because I knew I needed my line and my receivers to block for me. Once I realized how much I needed my teammates to make me look good, that helped me as a basketball player."
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"I just threw it up and prayed for it to go in. It was just big momentum for us before halftime."
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"I'm just looking at Indiana on Sunday. You just have to worry about yourself. You have to win and see what happens."
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"I've tried word processors, but I think I'm too old a dog to use one."
"We know other teams are going to give us their best shot. It's just how mentally prepared we are. And when another team goes on a run and gets the momentum, how do we respond? Do we lay down or do we raise our intensity? In the second half tonight, we raised our intensity."
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"We didn't relax. It's a road game. If they didn't come back, they're not protecting their home court."
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"You just don't give up. There have been times when everything seemed to conspire against getting a book done or printed, and I would feel like turning my back on the whole thing. But I came back and persisted."
"Until I quit writing and I don't know when that will be, I will always be reading something that has to do with what I'm working on."

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