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"They are hard holes. You definitely have to take advantage on the front nine."
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"Without immediate action in Newfoundland and Labrador . . . we can expect supply shortages."
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"First let me thank all the doctors and staff at Pittsburgh's UPMC-Presbyterian University Hospital,"
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"It's become more frequent, and that's why the doctors want me to go ahead and take care of it, ... I'm more at risk to wreck a car or pass out on an airplane or something like that."
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"First let me thank all the doctors and staff at Pittsburgh's UPMC- Presbyterian University Hospital. They were outstanding and I don't think I could have received better care anywhere."
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"David is in very good condition. … The doctors feel they have found the problem and it is something that is both treatable and curable,"
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"There's been three or four other tournaments where they've taken those events away from me, and they're no longer on the schedule. It's kind of like when I win something, they move away from it. I guess they don't want me to dominate the tour like Tiger."
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"It's a constant roller coaster of emotions. A lot of things go through your mind on every single hole. So much of it is unknown."
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"Our region is going to be in chaos for a long time, ... The media's not playing it up to make it seem worse than it is. The reality is that it's as bad or worse than what you're seeing on TV. It's going to take a lot of help from a lot of people to get everybody back to living a normal life again."
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"David and his family would like to express their thanks to everyone for all their prayers and support. We will continue to post updates as they become available."
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"[With Woods, the books are enough, and will remain so.] When Michael Jordan played, I pulled for him, ... As a sports fan, I enjoy seeing a top athlete perform at his best."
"Three things stood out. Winning a tournament, and playing really, really well that one week. My wife giving birth to our second child. And that whole deal [splitting up] with my manager, which is going to go on into 2006."
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"A family we're helping out has two girls in college, ... One's a pre-med student, and the other is enrolled in a nursing program. But their parents have no jobs, and they have no money in their pockets. We originally approached them about getting out of the shelter and into a hotel. But they said, What do we do then? We have shelter here -- and free food. We don't have any money to buy food on our own."
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"As I was getting ready, the 2-month-old baby was screaming for a bottle and the 8 year old was screaming to go out,"
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"I walked off the second green and told people they need to go watch football. Obviously, some guys are playing good. But to see pros in the teens over par starting the season? That's not a lot of fun."
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"Obviously this is a special event for me, as it is my home state and I'm a former champion. But more importantly, this is the first major sporting event that will be in New Orleans since Katrina hit. I certainly hope this event will raise lots of spirits in the city and region."
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"Did a lot of good stuff today. I hit some bad shots, but overall, another good, solid round of golf and put myself right there with a chance to win the golf tournament going to the weekend. You know, that's what I'm here to try to do. So I'm in good position so far."
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"It's not disappointing at all. I played a good, solid round of golf today under tough conditions, and I came back from a disappointing day yesterday. I feel good about leaving here."
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"I'm just trying to get it to where I can hit good golf shots."
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"It's hard to make a golf course that will please everybody. What you try to do is make one that everybody can play and then it doesn't necessarily play into one person's type of game. That's what we tried to do here."
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