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"I think he's back. I believe it was the Duke game ... when it was the first game he really didn't think about his knee and that's a good sign. And I think he's going to continue to get better as the year progresses."
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"These players have a lot of pride. They come here to win championships. And again, there's some very, very nice things that happened last year. ... But these players come here and they expect to do better."
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"Obviously, I think it was an aberration, but it is a reality. We're still a team that won nine games, but this one was a real shock."
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"We're not a finished product yet by any stretch of the imagination at quarterback. But I think again, if we handle it properly, we can build on it with the players we have."
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"I'm not gonna go through another season with an overweight, sluggish running back. I did that last year, and I'm not gonna do it again,"
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"The older guys — they talk to me. The pressure with those guys lies on me."
"When I've been a great coach, we've had a great running back,"
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"We pushed through (practice) pretty well today. Obviously it's hot and humid. It's going to be hot and humid in South Carolina as well. We have to be prepared and ready to give a great effort. That's what it's going to take to win the football game."
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"There's always been talent in South Florida, it just didn't stay here."
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"Having these players come back is a tremendous advantage because they know what it's all about. They know how painful it is to lose. They know how great it is to win at the University of Miami."
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"It's great to end the season with a win. But again, we've got new resolve. We hate to end the season with three losses, that taste in our mouth. It's an opportunity to come back and really get back on track and again be one of the elite football teams in the country. That's what we expect."
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"It is sort of funny, isn't it? One coach goes 9-3 and everything's great. Another coach goes 9-3 and everything's not so great. It's all a matter of perspective."
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"That could definitely happen. It could be this Monday night."
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"Our players have checked in, and we start practice tomorrow. We're very excited about it, but more important, the players are excited. ... Now it's time for practice. It's time for football."
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"Definitely some things have been improved. But without question, we've got a lot we can work on and we've got to get a lot better to be the team that we want to be."
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"I don't want to blame this on Rochford. The fact is it's not all his fault. But the snaps have to be better. And we also have to hold it and put it down and make the kick."
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"Again, it's poise and character. We made some plays. When we stopped doing that, that's how Clemson got in the game. When we got back to doing that, it permeates throughout."
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"His track record as a college football coach speaks for itself. He will do a tremendous job."
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"[If there are any worries about new Miami QB Kyle Wright, Hurricanes coach Larry Coke isn't showing it.] Since I named him starter, he's taken the ball and run with it, ... He knows what to expect."
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"I hate it because it is the call that really stood out. We?re on the field; we think we have won the game. There is all the emotion. And all of a sudden, we lose the game."
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