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"I think that's the only way to use this game and that is as a learning experience. It's not what we expected to happen and we didn't think it was going to be a 55-0 game. We just got beat by a better football team tonight. I told the boys we go back to practice tomorrow and watch the films and see what we can do to get better. We'll have a better effort next week."
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"One guy on the tape said his favorite sport was basketball and his favorite colors are blue and green. My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite colors are blue and green."
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"Contact the credit card company or financial institution and ask them to put a freeze on the account. And alert the bank and the three major credit (reporting agencies)."
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"Members of Congress realized the damage was so severe that provisions had to be made in order for people to rebuild. Not only rebuild their lives, but rebuild their financial data. So, the Internal Revenue Service has provided credits and provisions for individuals to take advantage of."
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"Voters have a clear choice between Gov. Doyle and me when it comes to limiting taxes and spending. I support tax limits ? Gov. Doyle does not."
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"In my 25 years in the motorcycle industry, I've found the most important elements of success are character and vision. John Covington and the entire Steed team are just that type of individuals. Now, with Patriot's experience and involvement, the world of custom V-Twins has gained the broad distribution and marketing muscle that has been lacking to date. Together, we have set out to change the industry."
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"We cast Chad Allen because he had the best audition of anyone else by far. We know that the character in the film and the actor are not the same. If as a film company we could only work with people who were completely sanctified, then the film would never have been made."
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"We do not ask for personal information by unsolicited e-mails."
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"Some taxpayers think the credit is a loan. This credit is for low- to moderate-income working people. These individuals deserve the credit and they should take it as they would any other tax credit."
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"We simply cannot allow countries like China, to continue their illegal, anti-free market trade practices. Their practices are costing us jobs."
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"informs me how much she's enjoying learning about places and people she's never known. I'm hoping that as a result she might even someday not wear only black."
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"It's good to slow down for a while and find a little peace."
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