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"clean-sweep whole neighborhoods, in the name of 'health' and 'safety' and 'a great future' and all that, and end up doing what Ceausescu did to Bucharest. And then it will be gone."
Author: Starr Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"The future of Java is to become an underlying programming framework that nobody makes any money on. It becomes a commodity."
Author: Montgomery Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"in the very near future."
Author: Davidson Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Who so neglects learning in his youth loses the past and is dead to the future.'"
Author: Euripides Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"At present, the Social Security trustees estimate that the unfunded liability over the indefinite future to be $10.4 trillion, ... The shortfall in Medicare is calculated at several multiples of the one in Social Security."
Author: Greenspan Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"We now know that Mark Latham would have threatened our national security and our future."
Author: Vaile Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"We are optimistic about the future of the plant, and we believe that we are going to be here for a long, long time."
Author: Cox Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"People say I'm cocky, but am I supposed to sit here and be insecure and not know where my future's going or not realize that moviemaking is the greatest thing to happen to me?"
Author: Carnegie Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"I don't try to describe the future. I try to prevent it."
"If you see the future of computing as 'give me the answer now,' it favors something like Cell, a computer platform designed for photorealistic modeling."
Author: Doherty Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Richie is extremely explosive and powerful and will help us in the future. He comes from a great school program where he has learned how to win as well as how to play."
Author: Fox Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"to step back and see that the best road to the future is through peaceful settlement of the disputes that exist between our two countries."
Author: Sattar Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"That helps us get to the bottom of these problems and help them help us in the future."
Author: Belardi Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"These areas are at an especially high risk of future price corrections,"
Author: DeKaser Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"Where is his future going to be? Is it going to be with them, the franchise quarterback, and hopefully meet him where they need to go, or will he go elsewhere?"
Author: Moss Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"No other African state was launched with so much promise for the future,"
Author: Meredith Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"In spite of conventional wisdom to the contrary, in our view, Sun has a future and, potentially a very bright one. We see the passing of the baton as affirmation that Sun can move into a strategic harvesting phase combined with focus on streamlined cost structure."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"The law of humanity ought to be composed of the past, the present, and the future, that we bear within us; whoever possesses but one of these terms, has but a fragment of the law of the moral world."
Author: Quinet Quotes Category: Future Quotes French Historian Quotes
"Our Kalimantan operations are progressing smoothly and looking into the future, we plan to increase our plantation area by about 9,000 hectares per year until 2007 and a further 5,000 hectares per year thereafter."
Author: Mohamad Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"The Fuhrer alone is the present and future German reality and its law. Learn to know ever more deeply: from now on every single thing demands decision, and every action responsibility."

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