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"Get your feet off my desk, get out of here, you [Steve Jobs] stink, and we're not going to buy your product [the Apple Computer]."
Author: Keenan Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"We all have jobs and families, so this made it easy for us to participate."
Author: Smith Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"That decline has taken a heavy toll on our industry as a whole -- from songwriters losing their jobs to record stores, especially those around college campuses, closing their doors."
Author: Engebretsen Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"On the national level, I think you'll see weakness in jobs figures for September, October and maybe even November."
Author: Zandi Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"November's unemployment rates were a bit of a mixed bag. We had some gains in retail jobs that were offset by some layoffs in manufacturing, but (the layoffs) were not dramatically reflected in the numbers."
Author: Rogers Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"And options like flexible work schedules and telecommuting have leveled off because they are not suited to certain jobs. However, programs aimed at achieving work-life balance are bound to gain momentum for men as well as women."
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"We want council members who are going to support the police in doing their jobs; and who are going to make sure that the laws are enforced to make these absentee landlords maintain their properties,'' said Pete Witte, the Price Hill Civic Club president who helped organize the PAC. POWR PAC -"
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"This is probably my favorite among the jobs I have had. Before coming to Southlake, I worked with the Girl Scouts and that was a lot of fun, too. It is definitely a close second, but I really believe working with the seniors and with individuals who have disabilities is my all time favorite."
Author: Edmonds Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"This project will create thousands of jobs, new and improved parklands and benefits and opportunities for the residents of the Bronx, the City of New York and visitors alike."
Author: Levine Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"The loss of jobs is never a pleasant thing. I know short term this is unpleasant, but I know long term we'll come out on top."
Author: Adams Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"We realize that we have to do our jobs. If we do our thing well, chances are we'll be there."
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"Some jobs in manufacturing might well disappear as a result of weakness in housing, but this may be offset by jobs brought home or not lost to foreign competition."
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"Part of the problem that all of tech is having with respect to jobs is they significantly over-hired during the boom times and to some degree the past few years has been payback for overaggressive hiring. But I think that process is largely over and we should see slightly better job growth in tech by this time next year."
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"We want to finish strong and get some wins. Some guys are battling for jobs and stuff, obviously. You want to end things on a good note for the fans. They've supported us the whole time, so we want to finish the best we can."
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"These on-campus jobs are very low paid. It is literally impossible to support yourself and pay tuition from work that you can legally do here."
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"People don't leave the unions, the jobs leave the people."
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"Crash provided jobs for actors and other LA-based workers, who are increasingly frustrated by runaway productions that travel to far-flung locations. Moreover, because Crash was a story dealing with complex racial relations in Los Angeles, it was something that LA-based Academy members could easily relate to."
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"That's not going to happen this time. We've got hundreds of thousands of people who had jobs who had to flee who don't have a job now or a place to live. There are wide areas where nobody is going to be able to live or work."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"One thousand-plus jobs within a 40-mile radius represents a major labor provider."
Author: Shows Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"If there is anything more than 250,000 jobs then everything reverses and all bets about a pause at 3.25 percent are off,"
Author: Ablin Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes

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