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Finance Quotes

173 Finance quotes:

"The problem with the big issues, Social Security reform, campaign finance reform, fundamental tax reform, is that they are so politically dangerous that I think both sides want to avoid them."
Author: Rothenberg Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"The speaker forced a lot of members to cast votes on school finance and other issues that were not always popular with the folks back home, and that's what a lot of members were having to defend themselves on during this campaign."
Author: Kronberg Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"There are going to be discussions between the BCA treasurer and the WICB finance manager with a view to a repayment plan and to get a number of issues resolved between the WICB and the BCA."
Author: Brathwaite Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"The board of finance is continuing its discussion about the budget that is going forward on April 10 and 11."
Author: Goldstein Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"[Jeremy Siegel, a professor of finance at the Wharton School, sees the year-long sell-off as a rational response to fast-weakening corporate profits. And he says the worst may not be over.] I don't think (tech stocks) are cheap, ... But they are closer to true value."
Author: Siegel Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"We've complied with every rule and regulation of the Campaign Finance Board, and we've documented and disclosed every nickel that we've spent — unlike this mayor."
Author: Miller Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"The truth is, though, that while I'm away from my responsibilities at Finance, I get more opportunities to talk to students."
Author: Sorbara Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"I am therefore stepping aside as Minister of Finance and Chair of Management Board of Cabinet pending a resolution of this issue,"
Author: Sorbara Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Any analysis of the demographics of emerging markets tells you that consumer finance is going to be an important part, and a rapidly growing part, of the financial-services spectrum for a long time to come,"
Author: Green Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"For so many years, international finance has been the domain of a very small elite in a few countries. The message the G-8 leaders got from Seattle is that they need to make their policy discussions more relevant to the general public."
Author: Mastel Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"The bulge in cash is permitting companies to simultaneously finance record levels of stock buybacks and dividends,"
"yet another step forward in the Justice Department's investigation of campaign finance abuses associated with the 1996 election."
Author: Reno Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"I have many broad responsibilities, ... [Vice President for Finance and Administration John Pepper] is the person with direct responsibility in the area."
Author: Levin Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"I think the European finance ministers had an opportunity on Monday to scare off bullish euro investors by threatening intervention or rate cuts to undo euro strength. They missed that opportunity,"
Author: Patterson Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Debby is a dynamic leader with a proven track record of success not only in finance, but also in corporate strategy and operations, ... Her experience, ability and enthusiasm will make her an immediate and significant asset to our leadership team."
Author: McGinn Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"This is very bad timing for the euro, and the report won't go down well with finance ministers or the European Commission, which is firmly against relaxation,"
Author: Callow Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"This is very bad timing for the euro, and the report won't go down well with finance ministers or the European Commission, which is firmly against relaxation."
Author: Callow Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"Bill Abbott is a versatile, experienced finance executive and we are thrilled he has joined our team. His hiring completes our senior executive team and brings tremendous value to our organic and acquisition-driven growth plans."
Author: Moore Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"It reads very clearly to me that the Ministry of Finance has done the homework and ready for implementation."
Author: Li Quotes Category: Finance Quotes
"If we can finance the parking garage, we can have greater density of development."
Author: Brown Quotes Category: Finance Quotes

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