Complaints And Complaining Quotes

330 Complaints And Complaining quotes:

"In the event there are consumer complaints filed against these individuals, we'll know where to find them."
"Initially we got some complaints. After a couple of weeks, they started to taper off. The customers have told us the most important thing to them is low air fares. Part of the way to provide low air fares is to reduce costs."
"It is outrageous that outsiders can't file complaints, since Congress has demonstrated its unwillingness to police its own conduct."
"It is unfair to everybody, officers and communities alike, to have untimely handling of citizen complaints."
"It worked quite well. We have no complaints."
"It's a great place to live. I love it here. I have no complaints."
"It's just part of the life cycle. We typically see a spike in bat complaints around this time of year, when the young are just learning to fly. They don't do it very well and tend to get into odd places."
"It's like any other sport. You hear the complaints during the game, but, for the most part, it's just fine. Once in a while it gets a little rough, but the good times outnumber the bad by a lot."
"It's troubling to read the narration of multiple complaints to DSS and now find out that DSS is left to make the final decision about this child. And that decision is being made behind closed doors."
"It's very difficult obviously, and it's hard for anybody to handle it perfect. But I have no complaints at all with how he's dealt with it."
"Just like with any issue, if we get complaints, we go out there."
"Lack of parking and seating (at PAL) were complaints we got from our fans. They enjoyed the games, but they couldn't always see the action with people standing along the fence. This gives us more control over fans enjoying the games the way they want."
"London Buses must put passengers' safety first. The number of complaints is up as is passenger dissatisfaction."
"More and more complaints are not investigated at all, or not on a timely basis."
"My guess is that nothing ever happened, which is usually the case with IRS complaints."
"No complaints, no regrets. The better team won tonight. They are an outstanding hockey team. We have no reason to hang our heads."
"No complaints. We had the first game on our home court. This is probably how it should be."
"No one made any formal complaints,"
"Not a whole lot of complaints from me."
"Often times, criminal complaints are a signal of some kind of deal in the offing."

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