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Teamwork Rowers

Customer Favorite Teamwork Rowers

Updated Tuesday 03-31-2020
Teamwork Rowers Certificate Paper
starstarstarstarstar from Team Player of Atlanta, GA

Teamwork Rowers Certificate Paper

I frequently use this product.
This certificate is given out each month to the person that is voted Team Player by their peers. The image and message represents the reason we are succuessful.

Teamwork Rowers Mousepad
starstarstarstarno star from SoccerGal14 of Macomb, mi

Teamwork Rowers Mousepad

Nice colors
Delivery was fast. Nice, quality product. Bought for all my team members.

Teamwork Rowers Framed Signature Motivational Poster
starstarstarstarno star from Donna Queen of Everything of Richmond, Virginia

Teamwork Rowers Framed Signature Motivational Poster

Teamwork Poster
We welcomed our new CEO & President with this gift. I love how the gold embossed logo on the matte turned out, that exceeded my expectations. A slightly larger plaque allowing a few more words/charachters would have been better and there is certainly room for it without overpowering the matte. I cut myself on the metal tabs on the back when I was removing it from the plastic. I've bought frames at Walmart for waaay less money that had the the tabs that rotate and are more sturdy. Those bendy kind just lend a cheap feel to it leaving me with the feeling that I paid too much. I love it, but do believe it is over-priced.