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Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

Teachers fill some of the most vital positions in society. You probably remember a teacher or several who made a difference in your own life, through the power of education and by being an inspiring and respected figure. If you're a parent or you work with teachers, you know how dedicated teachers are to helping shape new generations of people who will make meaningful contributions to the world. Teacher appreciation gifts show these important role models that they're valued. Gifts for teacher's appreciation week can be a reminder of how important the work that they do is.

Every year, teachers are recognized on National Teachers' Day, on the Tuesday of the first full week of May, which is also Teacher Appreciation Week. Read on for Teacher Appreciation Week gifts and teachers appreciation day gifts, as well as meaningful teacher appreciation gift ideas that are special to give all year-round.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

It doesn't have to cost a ton of money to show a teacher that you care. Teacher appreciation gift ideas from Successories are fun and easy ways to show gratitude, and teachers will love using them. Consider these gifts.

  • Lunch gifts: Give a teacher something to pack their lunch in an organized and stylish way with collapsible food containers, cooler bags, cooler totes, and lunch coolers. Easy and convenient to use, these teacher food containers come with inspirational teacher-focused messages.
  • Backpacks and totes: Like their students, teachers often need to carry around books or supplies on campus, to meetings, and at conferences. Lightweight cinch backpacks, super-size trunk organizers, large totes, and regular backpacks are useful as well as motivational, with fun teacher messages displayed on them.
  • Outside-of-school gifts: Gifts that are useful off school grounds show that you recognize the importance of teachers having a strong work-life balance. Ideas you could give include thermal mugs, fleece blankets, umbrellas, journals, and more.

Successories' bulk order options for teacher appreciation gifts allow you to purchase a group of teacher gifts at once, so you always have something fun on hand to give or have something for all the teachers you work with or your child sees throughout a year.

Teachers Appreciation Day Gift Ideas and More

Teacher appreciation gift ideas from Successories are great for school administrators and fellow teachers, parents, current and former students, and community members to give to teachers who contribute so much to society. By giving a useful, fun, and thoughtful gift to a teacher you care about or group of teachers you manage, you can help to improve how they perform at their jobs and positively impact students, too.

Show the teachers in your life you are grateful for their work. Browse some of our best-selling teacher appreciation gift ideas here now.

Since its establishment by the National Parent Teacher Association in 1984, Teacher Appreciation Week has been celebrated each year during the first full week in May, while National Teacher Day is celebrated on the first Tuesday in May. Originally started to thank teachers for their dedication to students, Teacher Appreciation Week and National Teacher Day have grown beyond the classroom to honor women and men across the country who change the lives of millions of children every day. Teachers are recognized during this time with awards and grants from various organizations like the National PTA and the National Education Association.

In addition to awards and grants, parents, students, and coworkers also share their appreciation for their teachers’ hard work in the form of gifts. Each year, a theme is designated for the week-long celebration and for 2018 the theme is "Teachers Deliver". Per the National PTA, "Teachers deliver so much to our students' inspiration, motivation and, ultimately, their futures. From May 7-11, 2018, we would like to celebrate teachers and deliver our thanks and gratitude to them." No matter the theme, Successories has you covered with a large selection of teacher gifts and gift ideas such as personalized vases, embroidered bags and even stainless steel tumblers to keep their morning coffee hot. Sometimes, even a candy gift set that says "Behind Every Great School is an Amazing Staff" is the perfect touch to recognize and motivate your staff.

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