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7 Best Employee Gifts For March

Got some employee birthdays coming up in the month of March? Struggling to find great gift ideas? Look no further! Below, you’ll find a fantastic cross-section of gifts catering to every taste, style, and budget.

The “Bright Ideas” Lightbulb, Filled With Skittles

Who doesn’t love Skittles? This is a fun, light-hearted little gift that’s the perfect way to honor an employee’s birthday and satisfy their sweet tooth at the same time. A fun, tasty way to show your employee that you’re thinking about them.

You Make The Difference Soup Spoon And Mug

Almost everybody loves a piping hot cup of soup, which makes this 12-ounce mug and matching spoon the perfect gift from just about any employee. Just add a few soup packets, and you’re all set!

You’re The Balm! (Mint-Flavored Lip Balm)

Not every employee likes or uses lip balm, but if you’ve got an employee who does, this is a perfect little gift idea that not only shows them how much you appreciate them, but also provides them with a practical gift they’ll use every day.

Rosewood Interactive Gear Clock (Personalized Desk Clock)

If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial and significant, what about this awesome rosewood clock? It makes a handsome addition to any desktop and includes a brass plaque you can have engraved with your employee’s name and a message to commemorate the occasion.

The gears that control the movement of the hands are on full display, making it a stunning, eye-catching display that’s sure to be appreciated.

“Can Do” Mental Block

If you have an employee who loves puzzles and games, this is a great gift idea. It can be flipped, turned, and twisted to reveal a variety of motivational messages, and is sure to please any puzzle lover on your staff.

Think Outside The Box Stress Ball

Do you have a creative, innovative person on your team? If so, this fun little stress ball can be a superb gift idea. Let’s face it, the modern workplace can be stressful, and millions of people make regular use of stress balls in one form or another to help take the edge off. This is a fun, memorable design that’s sure to be appreciated.

Stress Manage Mints

Another fun gift idea that shows you care. These stress “manage-mints” come in a 2” decorative tin and are a tasty, lighthearted way of showing your employee you’re thinking of them.

Didn’t find the perfect gift for your employee in the selections above? Not to worry! We’ve got hundreds of other great gift ideas. Spend a few minutes browsing through our extensive online catalog and you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for your employee, and that fits into whatever budget you’ve got to work with.

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