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National 2021 February Holidays

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February Fun Workplace Holiday Calendar

Fun February Workplace Holidays

Find out if it will be a long winter on Ground Hog's Day February 2nd. Then celebrate the Chinese New Year with your spirit animal.

Send a Card Day is Feb. 7, and provides the perfect opportunity early in the month to send business greeting cards- perhaps with another goodie enclosed - to top workers, or everybody, just to let them know they're appreciated.

Later in the month, No-Brainer Day is being celebrated on Feb. 27, and it's certainly a no-brainer for executives to celebrate the people who show up and work hard every day.

Customer Favorite Employee Gifts

Updated Wednesday 02-24-2021
Teamwork Mental Block
starstarstarstarstar from Steven Stouder of Notre Dame, IN

Teamwork Mental Block

Great Handout for Leadership Event
Need things so people can keep their hands busy without picking up their cell phone? This is the thing... the quotes force people to read and to think about what is on them.

Motivational Rubik's Cube
starstarstarstarstar from HMB Sunshine of Roswell, GA

Motivational Rubik's Cube

Great Mindbender!
Good idea as a Boss' Day gift. Will keep my boss entertained for hours.

Lead the Way Stone Image Paperweight
starstarstarstarno star from Dave of Minneapolis, MN

Lead the Way Stone Image Paperweight

Lead the Way - Stone Image Paperweight
We use the product primarily as a weekly reward to those that perform well. It can easily be used as other things such as giving someone instant recognition, employee of the month, or if you just want something a little motivational on your desk.